WitchCraft Cocktails


A spellbinding collection of magical spirits and drinks.

70 seasonal drinks infused with magic and ritual. Includes handcrafted herbal infusions, syrups, bitters, and more!

Throughout history, witches have used magically infused potables to manifest outcomes, heighten spells, and mark the change of seasons. Now, in WitchCraft Cocktails, these mystical traditions are given new life with seventy recipes celebrating the alchemical exchange among spirits, nature, and the ethereal realm. Learn how to add your own Jasmine-Cinnamon Honey Syrup to gin and prosecco to create The Jasmine Archer and connect with your true purpose in life, or use malachite to heighten the magical energy in the dark rum of The Golden Ram and manifest abundance and creativity.

Creator, Julia Halina Hadas is a practicing witch, bartender, and avid cocktail fanatic. Hailing from San Fransisco. Learn more at her blog, WitchCraftCocktails.com.

Size: 20.8 x 15.7 cm (8.25 x 6.25 inches)