Witch's Brew


Magickal potions for every purpose!

For thousands of years, witches have been brewing concoctions for a myriad of reasons: diving the future, invoking protection, celebrating the goddesses and also for having fun! In this enchanting collection, mystical maven Shawn Engel and award-winningcocktail writer and developer Steven Nichols, serve up eminently sippable drink recipes to imbibe for witchy purposes. Engel shares her expert knowledge on magickal ingredients, including the energetic properties of each drink plus invoactions and rituals to pair with various beverages.

Cheers to these mystical potables:

  • Cast a spell of prosperity with a basil and mint Money Magick
  • Davor drinks inspired by the elements, including a lemongrass-inflection Winds of Change
  • Connect with your cosmic coven with a batch of vanilla and strawberry Birth of Venus cocktails
  • And more!

Not only are these drinks fun and shareable, they also contain ingredients with ancient magickal significance. For example, the “Keep it Hexy” is not only a delicious vodka-based cocktail perfect for kick-starting a memorable evening, it also contains black pepper to return a hex to sender, sage to cleanse an evil eye, and blackberries for protection.

Size: 13.34 x 18.42 cm (5.25 x 7.25 inches)