Harry's Wire Glasses


Step into the wondrous realm of spells and enchantments with Harry's Wire Glasses!

These bewitching spectacles, crafted with the slender grace of a wand’s flick, are more than just eyewear – they are the windows through which the Boy Who Lived beheld magical wonders and faced the darkest perils. Donning these iconic round glasses, you'll feel the courageous spirit of Harry Potter surge within, as if ready to duel dark wizards or soar on a broomstick in a thrilling game of Quidditch.

A touch of the ordinary entwined with the extraordinary, these glasses are your portal into a world where magic knows no bounds. Perfect for both costumes and daily charm, Harry’s Wire Glasses are a timeless keepsake for every wizard and witch at heart. 

Size: These replica glasses are approximately 12.5 cm (4.92126 inches) wide, and may require an engorgement charm in order to fit grown-up witches and wizards (charm not included!)

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