The Crown Derby Plate: A Ghost Story for Christmas


Old Miss Pym returns to Hartley's, an eerie house on the marshes, to recover the missing plate in a precious set of china she bought years ago.  The person who greets her at the door - a gross, flaccid figure in a shapeless gown - guides Miss Pym to the object of her desire. Yet soon after holding the plate, she becomes aware of a smell. A foul smell. A very troubling smell indeed.

Steeped in traditions older than the Christmas we often celebrate in modern times, ghost stories told at Christmas were a reflection of the ideas of ending and rebirth (both of the year and crops), as well as reflecting on the darkness (both outside and within). As people gather with families, it is natural to remember those who are no longer amongst the group and to share tales with younger generations.

The Crown Derby Plate is one such story that is shared with a Christmas spirit. Originally told by Marjorie Bowen, this single story is one in a group of Christmas Ghost Stories that are perfect for holiday gatherings.

Size: 10.2 x 15.3 cm (4 x 6 inches)