Alice Scott Porcelain Coasters


Journey through the cosmos and explore the mysteries of the universe with this enchanting set of coasters!

Crafted from fine porcelain and featuring the stunning celestial designs of artist Alice Scott, each coaster transports you to a different realm of the night sky.

With every sip of your favourite beverage, feel the magic of the stars come alive under your fingertips as you set your mug down on the sparkling, gold-accented surface. Delve deeper into the secrets of the cosmos with each coaster, featuring intricate images of a telescope, compass rose, and constellations waiting to be discovered.

Bring the allure of the heavens to your home with this mystical set, perfect for those who seek to journey beyond the mundane and into the realms of wonder and enchantment.

This set of four coasters, which are accented with gold embellishments, will bring sparkle and fun to any coffee table.

Size: 10.16 cm (4 inches) round