Collectible Quidditch Set


Soar through the skies and hear the crowd's roar with this enchanting Collectible Quidditch Set!

Nestled within a bewitched trunk that whispers of countless matches, this set is a treasure trove of Quidditch wonders: Bludgers that ache for the chase, a Quaffle that hums with possibilities, and a Golden Snitch that flutters with the thrill of the game (though firmly bound to its place).

The set is crowned with a spellbinding 16 x 24-inch poster, a parchment that unfurls the majesty of Quidditch. Lock and key protect these prized possessions, as though guarded by a Keeper. Display this set and let the gusts of magic and camaraderie sweep through your home.

For the Quidditch zealot, this is not just a collectible - it's a tribute to the very soul of the Wizarding World's most cherished sport.

Size: The set measures approximately 10.16 x 10.80 x 22.23 cm (4 x 4.25 x 8.75 inches) and comes packaged in a keepsake box.

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