Musical Blue Praxinoscope


Step back in time and experience the magic of animation with this exquisite Praxinoscope!

Originally invented in France in 1877 by Charles-Émile Reynaud, this antique reproduction is a true tribute to the craftsmanship of the past. Unlike its predecessor, the zoetrope, the Praxinoscope offers a brighter and more accurate picture through the use of an inner circle of mirrors, producing the illusion of motion.

This Praxinoscope comes with 26 historically-accurate animated strips, showcasing traditional images used with the device. It is housed in a beautifully designed cardboard box, making it a perfect gift for any lover of vintage and historical art. So take a journey back in time and rediscover the art of animation with this stunning Praxinoscope!

There are four musical options:

  • As Time Goes By (from the movie "Casablanca")
  • Over the Rainbow (from the movie "The Wizard of Oz")
  • The Carousel Waltz (Richard Rogers)
  • Gymnopédie No. 1 of Satie

Size: The Musical Blue Praxinoscope is approximately 16.5 x 20cm (6.49 x 7.87 inches).