For the lead up to Christmas we are offering local courier delivery to the Toronto area for a flat rate of $15. To use this service select "Ship" at the checkout before entering your address. Orders placed between midnight and 10am will be delivered same day. Orders placed between 10am - midnight will be delivered the following day.

If no one is available to receive your order, or if you live in an apartment or condo building, the driver will attempt to contact you by phone. If the driver is unable to reach you, your order will be left at the door. This service in only available to addresses within certain postcodes (see below) 

The cutoff for this service is 10am Christmas Eve (December 24th 2020). If you order before 10am Christmas Eve, you will receive your order by 8pm that evening. After 10am on Christmas Eve this service will no longer be available.

This service in only available to addresses within the following postcodes:

East Toronto: M4E,  M4J,  M4K,  M4L,  M4M

Central Toronto: M4N,  M4P,  M4R,  M4S,  M4T,  M4V,  M5N,  M5R

Downtown Toronto: M5W

West Toronto: M6G,  M6H,  M6J,  M6K,  M6P,  M6R,  M6S

Scarborough: M1B,  M1C,  M1E,  M1G,  M1H,  M1J,  M1K,  M1L,  M1M,  M1N,  M1P,  M1R,  M1S,  M1T,  M1V,  M1W,  M1X

Downsview East: M3K

Downsview Toronto:  M4W,  M4X,  M4Y,  M5A,  M5B,  M5C,  M5E,  M5G,  M5H,  M5J,  M5K,  M5L,  M5S,  M5T,  M5V,  M5X

Etobicoke: M8V 

Mississauga: L4A,  L4T,  L4V,  L4W,  L4X,  L4Y,  L4Z,  L5B,  L5C,  L5E,  L5G,  L5H,  L5J,  L5K,  L5L,  L5M,  L5N,  L5P,  L5R,  L5S,  L5T,  L5V,  L5W