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The Eye of Time Clock


Gaze in wonder at the Eye of Time Clock!

The hero of this story is an anonymous watchmaker in Regency London who tried to design a travel clock that was small but easy to read. Little did he know that his spherical desk watch would be a highly collectable treasure. In times of need the lenses doubled to read maps and light the cooking fire.

The Eye of Time Clock also features a compass rose on the reverse, showcasing the cardinal directions in a Regency London-themed motif. This decorative clock is a beautiful mix of form and function and is a lasting accessory for any bookshelf or coffee table. It can be hung from a hook, a desktop stand, or rest on any flat surface.

Combine with our Desktop Stand with Globe (PICTURED HERE BUT SOLD SEPARATELY) for a stunning display!

Size: the Eye of Time Clock measures approximately 5.08 x 7.87 cm (3.1 x 2 inches).