Wax Sealing Stamp - Mustache


Add some flair to any written correspondence with your very own wax sealing stamp! If you're in need of some hipster vibes, look no further than a Wax Sealing Stamp - Mustache.

Seals have always served as a stamp of authority and authenticity, just as the modern signature is today. First used by kings and governments to pass new laws and proclamations, seals passed into commonplace during the Medieval Times, where almost everyone had their own. Wax seals ensured that the contents of an envelope were secure, protecting the importance or secrecy of the letter. Additionally, it was common practice to destroy a person's seal once the owner died, hence the reason why so few original seals survive today. 

By using a seal and wax, you are continuing this time-honoured tradition, even in today's high-tech world.

Each stamp element measures approximately 2 cm (0.787402 inches) in diameter and each stamp does not come with wax.

Note: When working with an open flame, please exercise caution and care in the use of this product. Not recommended for use by young children.

Instructions for use:

1. Close and seal your envelope flap. Then, moisten your seal to ensure that the wax will not stick to your stamper.

2. Light the wick of the sealing wax and hold the stick about 7.62-to-12.7 cm (3-to-5 inches) over the paper at a 45-degree angle, allowing the wax to drop on to the envelope; adjust the angle as needed to control the flow. When you have enough wax on the surface of the envelope, blow out the flame and rest the stick on a hard surface.

3. Press your seal into the hot wax and wait until the wax is almost dry before removing your seal and revealing a beautiful wax imprint.