Belle Calligraphy Kit


The covetable look of calligraphy is now well within reach for even the most novice practitioner!

This ready-to-gift box (a brown paper package tied up with string!) includes all the materials and technical guidance needed to learn calligraphy in a modern style that embraces the beauty of each person's unique penmanship. Illustrated project ideas show that script, easy as it is, makes everything irresistible.

This kit was lovingly crerated by San Francisco-based artist and calligrapher Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, who has a widely acclaimed and distinctly modern approach to calligraphy.

Kit includes:

  • Alphabet Exemplar
  • Bottle of Sumi ink
  • Guide sheet
  • Steel pointed nib
  • Straight pen
  • Vellum sheets
  • Sticker labels