Mini Notebooks, set of 3 - Mineralogy


Beautiful things are not only found above ground but also buried deep underneath! These minerals and gemstones are sometimes precious, sometimes mundane, but are always fascinating!

This 3-pack of notebooks feature various diagrams and illustrations of gorgeous gemstones and magnificent minerals. Beautiful and quirky vintage images from the Cavallini & Co. archives have been assembled into these three decorative miniature notebooks. Each set contains three 96-paged miniature notebooks with lined, blank, and graph interiors respectively.

Founded in 1989, Cavallini & Co. is dedicated to producing high-quality products using authentic vintage imagery from their extensive archives, which include historical maps, antique botanical plates, 19th-century anatomical charts, mid-century travel guides, advertisements, postcards, and many other pieces of paper ephemera.

Size: Each notebook spans approximately 10.16 x 13.97 cm (4 x 5.5 inches)