Benjamin Pollock's - Cinderella Pantomime Theatre


The Pantomime Theatre with Cinderella is one of Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop's best-selling theatres and comes complete with all the characters, scenery, and script to stage the classic tale of pantomime favourite Cinderella, so you can ensure that she gets to the ball on time! The theatre requires no cutting or glueing, as each piece can be simply pushed straight from the book and slotted together. This is the perfect gift for theatre-loving children for their first taste of telling a story on stage.

Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop located in Covent Garden in London has been in the business of delight for over 100 years! Benjamin Pollock was first introduced to toy theatres when he married Eliza Reddington, who inherited her father’s Theatrical Print Warehouse. From his original dusty shop in Hoxton, Mr. Pollock brought joy to local children, lovers of nostalgia and well know actors such as Charlie Chaplin. Author Robert Louis Stevenson was delighted by the shop, immortalizing it in an essay ‘If you love art, folly or the bright eyes of children, speed to Pollock’s’. 

Size: The set is 28 x 40.5 cm (11.02 x 15.94 inches) when flat and opens up into a 28 x 38 x 46 cm (11.02 x 14.96 x 18.11inches) theatre.