Apothecary Noir Candle - Baltic Ember


Embark on a sensory journey where the mystical apothecary meets a daring twist of elegance. Presenting Apothecary Noir, a lavish reinterpretation of Paddywax's celebrated candles, inviting you into an enigmatic world of olfactory delight!

Picture an age-old apothecary bottle, its classic form echoing tales of ancient potions and mystical brews. Noir transcends this timeless design, cloaking it in a veil of deep, onyx-hued glass, and accentuating its allure with embossed metallic labels, whispering secrets of hidden enchantments.

Immerse yourself in the opulent fragrance of the Apothecary Noir - Baltic Ember 8oz candle, crafted to cast a warm, amber luminescence, delicately shaping the ambiance of your space with its rich, smouldering glow.

Top Notes: Cade Oil, Wood
Middle Notes: Cade Oil, Spices, Musk
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Wood

Vessel: Black-tinted Glass

Size: 7.6 x 7.6 x 12.7cm (3 x 3  x 5 inches), contains 226g (8 oz) of scented soy wax