Armillary Sphere with Arrow


Our decorative brass Armillary Sphere with it's rotating rings is a essential piece of desk or study décor for any nautical enthusiast, fan of science or simply those looking for a standout accessory! 

Originally conceived by the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes around 255 BCE and used up until the 1600s, the armillary sphere is an ancient instrument used to determine the celestial coordinates of the stars. 

This astronomical instrument is made up of several rings (armillae) that were used to fix the position of the stars in space. These ingeniously interwoven rings represent various celestial signposts such as the equator, the horizon, and the zodiac, and the observer must imagine themselves to be in the centre, which is occupied by a symbolic earth. This way, the observer can track the apparent movements of the stars, above all that of the sun, whose position is conditioned by the angular coordinates.

Size: 27.95cm high (11 inches)