Bosun's Whistle


Channel your inner first warrant office and handle your crew with a Bosun's Whistle! The boatswain was the one responsible for handling the crew on board a ship. One of the oldest seafaring titles, boatswain comes from the Old English 'batswegen' meaning boat's swain or husband, at that time the actual commander of a ship. Man the sails, go aloft, defend the ship, and all hands on deck were all commands blown by the Bosun's Mate on their whistle or 'Call'.

Included with the brass and copper, gold-finished whistle a small booklet of instructions, the history of Boatswains and Bos'uns, and the various calls used throughout history. This whistle comes in a beautiful decorative box, perfect for gift giving!

Size: 1.01 x 2.03 x 12.95 cm (0.4 x 0.8 x 5.1 inches)