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Curious Portraits - Dog Archaeologist


This dog portrait print will bring a bit of spooky charm to any dog lover's wall.

Reminiscent of Howard Carter and the tomb of Tutankhamen (King Tut), this print brings all the mystery of ancient Egypt into the canine kingdom. The long-suffering dog of the artist, Bingo, is the muse and model for this Halloween portrait and in this, he has gotten himself in over his head in the land of the pharaohs!

Nestled in the West Village of Manhattan and with her faithful companions Bingo and Astro, Lisa Zador creates anthropomorphic and Victorian animals, Gothic portraits, and retro food icons. Her dark and fanciful art style evokes a sense of nostalgia, whimsy, and curiosity.

Size: This is a 15.24 x 20.32 cm (6 x 8 inches) print of an original oil painting. It is printed on 21.59 x 27.94 cm (8.5 x 11 inches) Epson heavy matte paper which gives it a rich, velvety look. Epson inks are guaranteed not to fade for 99+ years and each print comes in a cello envelope with cardboard backing.