Equatorial Sundial


The equatorial sundial is perhaps one of the easiest sundials to both construct and interpret. It consists of a flat surface aligned with the celestial equator and a "gnomon" or post that is perpendicular to this celestial equatorial surface. This means that the gnomon is directed towards the North or South Celestial Pole and acts as a terrestrial axis. The shadow of the stick will then show the time on the inner part of the circle.

This particular reproduction is modelled on equatorial sundials made in Italy during the Renaissance. They are universal in that they can be used in all latitudes and can also be read as a calendar thanks to the small sphere incorporated into the gnomon.

Handmade in Spain and fashioned out of wood and brass, the sundial also includes a booklet on its history and usage instructions.

Size: The Equatorial Sundial spans approximately 2 x 5 x 9 cm (0.78 x 1.96 x 3.54 inches)