Fantastical Forest Creatures Sticker Sheet


Enter a world of enchantment with the Fantastical Forest Creatures Sticker Sheet!

This stunning collection of mystical creatures will take you on a journey through an otherworldly realm where dancing foxes, mushroom cap women, and butterfly wings reign supreme. Artist Becky Moshammer's imagination knows no bounds, creating an unpredictable and unknowable world that will leave you mesmerized.

Each sticker sheet is adorned with a holo rainbow top coating, adding an extra layer of magic and wonder. Use these stickers to adorn your journal, planner, or any surface in need of a touch of whimsy.

Let the Fantastical Forest Creatures guide you through your own mystical journey, one sticker at a time.

Art by: @peony_illustrations

  • 1 sheet included
  • Top Coating: Holo rainbow
  • Adhesive Layer: Paper
  • Backing Layer: Paper

Size: 9 x 17cm (3.54 x 6.69 inches)