Black Moroccan Old Leather Flexible Ultra Journal


Capturing the flavour of Renaissance-style binding at its zenith, this handsomely embellished journal is a delight for the hand and the eye! During this remarkable period of classical revival, manuscripts were renowned for their exquisitely crafted covers made of fine Moroccan leather, hand-tooled in gold with delicate foliage patterns. Brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the Far and Middle East, this style of ornamentation lent a new vibrancy and lightness of design that was not present in manuscripts.

Crafted with a flexible cover material, this lightweight notebook offers increased mobility for everyday use. The durable, Smyth sewn spine allow the book to lie completely flat while also providing the flexibility to open 360°, connecting cover to cover for a stable writing surface on the go. This is the ultimate notebooks for writers, as they are portable and lightweight enough to tuck into any bag!

This 240-page lined, flexible-cover ultra journal includes a memento pouch and ribbon marker, and features book edge printing.

Size: 17.78 x 22.86 cm (7 x 9 inches)