Harry Potter Micro Stickers


Imbue your mundane muggle artifacts with a sprinkle of enchantment through Harry Potter Micro Stickers! Within this treasure trove of 242 spellbinding stickers, you’ll uncover miniature marvels that hold the very essence of the Wizarding World.

Picture tiny broomsticks ready to soar, flying keys that whisper secrets, heraldic crests bearing centuries of magical lineage, and beloved characters whose spirits are captured in ink. Not to mention the ethereal creatures that flutter and roam within these micro realms, waiting to leap into your stories.

Use these stickers to weave magic into your planners and journals, turning each page into a secret passage to Hogwarts. Chronicle your days with a charm, cast spells with doodles, and let these minuscule wonders guard your thoughts and dreams.

With every sticker, you're a wizard conjuring new adventures. So, wield your wand, summon your imagination, and let the enchantment begin!

Size: 20.5 x 8cm (8 x 3 inches)

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