Juniper Fall Filigree Ultra Journal


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus

Behold the majesty and brilliance of the colours of autumn with this beautiful Juniper Fall Filigree journal! When warm rays of light are replaced by cool easterly winds, we know that the end of summer is upon us. This Fall Filigree journal celebrates the warm and enticing hues of the changing seasons and the possibilities that they bring.

The original binding reproduced on the cover comes from a 1736 leather scripture book published in Hof, Germany, by Johann Gottlieb Vierling, a popular publisher of scientific, theological and philosophical materials. With a filigreed design that calls to mind golden wheat stalks and corn fields, these journal covers are sure to warm up your creative energy on even the coldest autumn nights.

This 144-page lined journal includes a memento pouch, ribbon marker, and features book edge printing.

Size: 17.78 x 22.86 cm (7 x 9 inches)