Mail-Order Mysteries


Generations of comic book readers remember the tantalizing promises of vintage novelty advertisements from old comic books that offered authentic laser-gun plans, x-ray specs, and even 7-foot-tall monsters. But, what would you really get if you entrusted your hard-earned $1.69 to the post office?

Mail-Order Mysteries answers this question, revealing the amazing truths (and agonizing exaggerations) about the actual products marketed to kids in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Pop-culture historian Kirk Demarais shares his astonishing collection, including 100 Toy Soldiers in a Footlocker Count Dante’s World’s Deadliest Fighting Secrets GRIT Hercules Wrist Band Hypno-Coin Life-Size Monsters Mystic Smoke Sea Monkeys Soil From Dracula’s Castle U-Control Ghost Ventrilo Voice Thrower ...and more than 150 extraordinary, peculiar, and downright fraudulent collectibles.

Mail-Order Mysteries is a must-have book comic book fans everywhere.

Size: At 18 x 27 x 2 cm (7.09 x 10.63 x 0.79 inches), this book is small enough to be portable but large enough for displaying and seeing mail-order items up-close!