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Natural 20 DnD Patch


Elevate your adventurer's attire with the Natural 20 Dungeons & Dragons Iron-On Patch, a symbol of luck and legend in the world of role-playing!

Meticulously designed for the ardent fan, this patch features the iconic 20-sided die (d20), revered in D&D lore for its ability to turn the tides of fate.

Crafted with rich, vibrant threads, this patch vividly depicts each number and facet of the die, resonating with the spirit of epic quests and the thrill of critical success. Its iron-on design ensures easy application, allowing you to adorn your favourite backpack, jacket, or gaming tote with a symbol of your passion.

Set off on your next campaign with this emblem of adventure and watch as your legendary tales unfold.

Size: 12 x 14 cm (4.75 x 5.5 inches)