Pewter Key Ring - Dumbledore's Wand


One of the most famous wands in existence is the Elder Wand. Though incredibly powerful, it is also very temperamental, and hard to tame. It has most notably been stolen from the wandmaker Gregorovich by Grindelwald to give him the power he desired, only to transfer to Dumbledore when he stopped Grindelwald's attempt to rule over the muggles.

It was also famously taken from Dumbledore's tomb by Voldemort, however, since it was not won by Voldemort, he could not properly use its' power. It is also the subject of The Tale of Three Brothers, where it is revealed to be one of the Deathly Hallows - powerful artefacts that make the owner of all the master of death!

The Elder Wand was ancient and made of elder wood, fifteen inches long, and had a Thestral tail-hair core

Now you can keep your keys organized and safe with this powerful wand on a key ring!

Size: From ring to charm, this key ring is approximately 16 cm (6.3 inches) long.

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