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Polaris Compass


Set off on an adventure with your very own Polaris Compass!

An instrument from a time when travel was an uncertain activity at best. Pilgrims, artists, and merchants followed ancient routes without much signage to show the way. If they didn’t make the next wayside inn, local convent or hospital by nightfall they might have to camp out in the open. Losing your way was risky business in these times. 

A compass uses the concepts of magnetism to shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions. They usually include a diagram known as a "compass rose" that shows the directions north, south, east, and west on the compass face as abbreviated initials.

The Polaris Compass is a small replica of an 18th-century compass made of solid brass, with a dark blue pointer. It features a yellow/gold North and South and the Dial includes 32 compass points.

Size: The Polaris Compass spans approximately 1.71 x 5.71 cm (0.68 x 2.25 inches).