Potion Bottles Necklace

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In order to produce these potions, you'll have to be a potions master (or maybe as well-researched as Hermione!).

Amortentia is an incredibly powerful love potion, Polyjuice turns the drinker into the physical form of another person, and Veritaserum is a potent truth serum. Whether you are a master of potions who can, as Snape says, "bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death", or whether you just admire the abilities of wizards who can concoct these creations, you can show your feelings to the world!

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Size: This necklace features a charm which is 3 x 4 cm (1.18 x 1.57  inches) - not including the dangling stars, and has a brass coloured housing and 55 cm (21.65 inches) long (maximum) adjustable chain.

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