Raven Wax Seal Stamp


As a talking bird, ravens are often used to symbolize prophecy and insight, a bold promise when used on your correspondence!

Tracing all the way back to the Middle Ages, wax seals have always served as a stamp of authority and authenticity as well as a visual signature in a time when many people were not able to read.

Seals ensured that the contents of an envelope were secure, protecting the importance or secrecy of the document. Additionally, it was common practice to destroy a person's seal once the owner died, hence the reason why so few original seals survive today.

Today wax seals are used in the traditional way for letters and invitations but also in a number of creative applications such as product packaging and in card making and scrapbooking.

Our wood handle seals have a removable brass end.

Each seal set comes packaged in a box with one seal stamp that will create a 2.5cm (0.95 inch) round impression.

For more information on making your wax seals click here.

Note: When working with an open flame, please exercise caution and care in the use of this product. Not recommended for use by young children.