Regency Magnifier


It always pays to take a closer look! The signature on the painting you just purchased at that out-of-the-way estate sale... or the hallmarks on your most recent silver acquisition... or pretend you are Sherlock Holmes looking for vital clues!

The Regency Magnifier is made by hand and features a turned rosewood handle with brass accents and comes ready for gift giving in a beautiful box. This decorative magnifier is a beautiful mix of form and function and is a lasting accessory for any bookshelf or coffee table.

A magnifying glass is a convex lens used to produce a magnified image of an object, usually mounted in a frame with a handle. In addition to producing a close-up image of any subject, a magnifying glass can also be used to focus light.

Size: 11.43 x 26.42 cm (4.5 x 10.4 inches)