Serpent Cuff Bracelet


Embrace the mystique of ancient legends with this Serpent Cuff Bracelet, a captivating accessory that weaves the enchanting allure of serpents into an exquisite design!

Crafted from lustrous brass, this adjustable cuff is a tribute to the serpentine guardians of magic and transformation. Twin serpent heads, with eyes that seem to hold secrets of the ages, gracefully coil around your wrist, creating an aura of mystical power.

The adjustable design ensures a perfect fit for most sizes, allowing you to wear this mesmerizing piece with ease and comfort. As you adorn your wrist with the Serpent Cuff Bracelet, you become a conduit to the age-old wisdom and magic that serpents symbolize!

Size (of jewelery): 6" when serpent heads touch, adjustable