Welcome Witches & Wizards Banner


Gather fellow Potterheads for a spellbinding celebration with this enchanting "Welcome Witches & Wizards" letter banner, perfect for any Harry Potter-themed gathering!

Whether you're hosting a grand feast in the Great Hall or a cozy gathering in the Burrow, this banner is the ideal magical touch.

Crafted with unique pennant shapes and adorned with shimmering gold foil accents, it's designed to sparkle and flicker in the glow of candlelight, adding a bewitching charm to your festivities. This isn't just any decoration; it's a piece of the wizarding world brought to life, ready to be unfurled time and again.

  • Includes 22 - 4" x 5" letters to spell "WELCOME WITCHES & WIZARDS"
  • 4 yards of twine
  • Gold Foil

Whether it's a sophisticated soiree for adult fans or a fun-filled movie marathon night, this reusable banner is sure to enchant guests and set the scene for a magical event straight out of Hogwarts.

Accio celebration!