Spells Wand Handle Umbrella


 While you may not be able to have Harry Potter's wand or produce your own spells, we have a lovely alternative for you - a Wand-handled umbrella!  The handle is the perfect size and shape to give a good grip, but best of all is styled to look like Harry's wand!  When you open the umbrella to magically repel the weather, you also cast out a variety of spells in a blue, turquoise and white design!  Featuring such spells as accio, stupefy, lumos, and expelliarmus, you will represent the magic of all wizard-kind every time you venture out in the rain!

Size: The umbrella spans roughly 80.01 cm (31.5 inches) and provides about 58.42 cm (23 inches) of coverage from the central umbrella shaft.

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