The Explorer's Journey Coloring Book


The Explorer's Journey is a colouring book to the ends of the Earth and beyond!

Unlike any colouring book out there, The Explorers' Journey follows the journeys of two explorers. Each in an immersive, alien terrain-one explorer delves into the lush rainforests of a volcano-strewn island; the other surveys the universe from a celestial campground-readers can experience the adventures each explorer has. While their stories seem separate, readers can discover what happens when the explorers' paths finally cross.

Featuring the amazing artwork of celebrated artist David Habben, David takes readers to two separately enchanting and enveloping worlds where the explorers work to examine their environments. This colouring book is unique because it not only provides a topic that has not been used in the colouring book world, but it also tells two separate stories that become interwoven in the mid-point of the book. It features 50 unique illustrations.

Size: 22.6 x 24.13 cm (8.9 x 9.5 inches)