The Madman's Library: The Strangest Books, Manuscripts and other Literary Curiosities from History


Books that Kill. Books written in blood. Books so long they could destroy the Universe.

Books that hoaxed the globe, books invisible to the naked eye, books worn into battle and books of code and cypher whose secrets remain undiscovered. Spell books, alchemist scrolls, wearable books, edible books, books to summon demons, books written by ghosts, and more all come together in the most curiously strange library imaginable.

With extraordinary stories and lavish illustrations, The Madman's Library gathers together the strangest books and manuscripts from history in a uniquely bizarre and fascinating collection for curious book lovers and students of the far reaches of the human imagination. It delves into the darkest territories in the history of literature and hunts down the oddest books and manuscripts ever written, uncovering the intriguing stories behind their creation.

Featuring hundreds of remarkable images and packed with entertaining facts and stories to discover, this captivating compendium perfect for bibliophiles, literature enthusiasts, and collectors intrigued by bizarre oddities, obscure history, and the macabre.

Size: 19.6 x 25.25 cm (7.7 x 9.9 inches)