A Sherlock Holmes Escape Book: The Adventure of the Analytical Engine


The third title in this ingenious series of Sherlock Holmes Escape Books, The Adventure of the Analytical Engine is an exhilarating combination of escape room, puzzle book and adventure story.

Inspired by real-life escape rooms, where players tackle puzzles while trapped in a locked room, it is an escape room in the form of a locked book, filled with codes, ciphers, riddles and red herrings, and a clever Code Wheel set into the cover.

In this new adventure, readers will take on the role of the world’s foremost consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, snared at the centre of a cunning plot, after receiving a mysterious letter from beyond the grave. Intrigued by an invitation from mathematician Charles Babbage to view his newly completed pioneering contraption, Holmes becomes imprisoned in a magnificent London villa, where tricks, traps and illusions aim to divert him from uncovering the true purpose of the reimagined Analytical Engine.

Combines riddles, logic puzzles, timed challenges, mathematical brain-teasers, maps and mazes.