Undesirable No. 1 Poster Lenticular Notecard


Step into the heart of a magical rebellion with the bewitching Undesirable No. 1 Poster Lenticular Notecard!

Seize a piece of wizarding history as the notorious Harry Potter's wanted notice comes to life, right in the palm of your hand. The enchantment within this notecard is so potent, you can almost hear the whispers of secret passageways and clandestine spells as the lenticular image shifts and moves like true wizarding magic.

Crafted by the magicians at MinaLima, the masterminds behind the Wizarding World's graphics, this notecard is imbued with echoes of Harry's daring adventures. The gold foil accents capture the glint of Galleons, as if the 10,000 Galleon reward could leap right off the card.

Send your fellow witches and wizards messages that sizzle with enchantment, or keep the magic close by framing this notecard. It's not just paper; it’s a portal to a world where bravery, friendship, and the power of good weave spells that change the fate of wizardkind.

Size: 12.5 x 17.2 cm (5 x 7 inches)

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