The Triwizard Cup Limited Edition Art Print


Behold, The Triwizard Cup Limited Edition Art Print, an enigmatic treasure shrouded in wizarding lore. This ethereal print, crafted by the illustrious MinaLima, the very conjurers of the graphic universe within Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, beckons you into the cryptic depths of the Wizarding World.

Gaze upon the arcane concept art of The Triwizard Cup, a relic immortalized in 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire'. This gleaming chalice, more than a mere trophy, is an emblem of valor and triumph, bestowed upon the victor of the perilous Triwizard Tournament.

A vessel of enchantment, The Triwizard Cup harbors secrets most mysterious. In the year of 1994-1995, the Cup was bewitched into a Portkey, transporting the unwitting victor into the shadowy grasp of Lord Voldemort. Its destiny, thereafter, is veiled in mystery, as the Triwizard Tournament itself dissolved into the annals of wizarding history.

This spellbinding print is materialized on the finest Hahnemühle art paper, a canvas befitting of its mystical allure. With only 1000 copies woven into existence across the realms, each print is kissed with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered in ancient script, embossed as if by magic, and stamped with the signature of the master artisans.

MinaLima, the sorcerous union of Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, weaves their alchemy through design, capturing the very essence of the Wizarding World with their inimitable graphic tapestry.

Dare you lay claim to this enchanted artifact? The Triwizard Cup awaits the discerning collector with an eye for the magical and the heart for adventure.

Size: 30 x 40 cm (11.81 x 15.74 inches)

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