Sterling Silver Diadem Ring


Whether you're a proud Ravenclaw or simply on the hunt for another Horcrux, this Ravenclaw Diadem ring is sure to enchant you!

Modelled after the legendary diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, stolen by her daughter Helena and thought to have disappeared until it was rediscovered and transformed into a Horcrux by Tom Riddle, later Lord Voldemort.

Destroyed in the room of requirement by Harry, Ron Hermione and - technically - Vincent Crabbe's fiendfyre at the Battle of Hogwarts, these beautiful earrings resurrect the beauty of Rowena Ravenclaw's creation!

Made from Sterling Silver, this delicate diadem ring is finished with pale blue crystals and features a moveable drop tail feather.

Please see our sizing chart for detailed information on our ring sizes.

Small: UK-standard sized L (approx. 6 US ring size).

Medium: UK-standard sized O (approx. 7 US ring size).

Large: UK-standard sized P (approx. 8 US ring size).

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