Felix Felicis Pin Badge


 "Trust me, I know what I'm doing... or at least, Felix does." - Harry Potter after first drinking Felix Felicis in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Enormously difficult to brew but hugely effective, Felix Felicis is known in the wizarding world as “Liquid Luck”. It has the magical effect of having everything go your way for a short while, but be careful! Too much too often can lead to recklessness!

This lovely gold-plated alloy pin with enamel detailing depicts a bottle of the famed gold-coloured potion and is certain to bring you luck and success once pinned to your coat, bag, or indeed whatever you care to pin it to! With Felix Felicis the possibilities are endless and success is assured!

Size: The pin spans approximately 1.35 x 3.95 cm (0.5 x 1.55 inches)

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