The Marauder's Map Gift Wrap


Whisper "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," and unveil the enchanting Marauder's Map Gift Wrap, your secret charm to gift-giving wizardry!

Crafted by the spellbinding hands of MinaLima, this gift wrap is imbued with the same mischief that the Marauder's Map holds within its folds. With every twist and turn of the paper, feel the walls of Hogwarts shifting as you journey through its secret passages and hidden chambers. Here, the magic of friendship and adventure is captured in ink and parchment.

The paper is of the highest quality and resilient enough to hide the most enchanted of treasures. Each gift wrapped in this mystical map becomes a portal to the Wizarding World, awaiting to be opened by the incantation of joy and surprise.

Sustainably sourced like the wands of Ollivanders, this gift wrap is printed on FSC accredited recyclable paper. With every gift, you not only give magic but also a nod to the enchanting forests where thestrals roam free.

Wrap your gifts in whispers of ancient spells and mischief managed. The Marauder's Map Gift Wrap is not just paper; it's a tapestry of tales, adventures, and memories that will make the hearts of witches and wizards young and old, soar with the flutter of phoenix wings.

Printed on FSC accredited recyclable paper.

Size: Includes 2 sheets of folded gift wrap; each sheet 50 x 69 cm (19.7 x 27.2 inches)

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