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Flexi Sealing Wax Stick - Lemon Yellow


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Our sealing wax sticks have been formulated to withstand the rigours of the modern postal system! Offering clear impressions, this wax is completely flexible and mailable and will not chip or break.

This 4" stick will create approximately 11-15 average size impressions per stick depending on the size of your seal and the amount of wax you like to use.

For larger projects, calculate how many sticks you need by dividing the number of desired wax seal impressions by 12 (10 to be on the conservative side or if you want to make larger impressions) and you will get the number of sticks needed to complete your project. 

For more information on making your wax seals click here.

Note: When working with an open flame, please exercise caution and care in the use of this product. Not recommended for use by young children.