Tasseomancy, Teacup or Tea Leaf Readings: these are all the same type of reading. It involves you drinking a cup of loose leaf tea and after I have tossed the wet remnants into the saucer, with what remains in the cup, I then begin the reading process. Tea leaf reading uses symbolism, energy and intuition. I apply what your energy feels like to the symbols and patterns that show up in the cup. These readings can be very helpful and are also a great way to see if you are on track, or perhaps need to change tact. Tasseomancy is very accurate and insightful, however because the cup remains static, it is not as flexible as the cards and sometimes when questions are asked, there is not an answer in the cup. These readings are what you need to focus on for the time being. Readings give info over about a year, give or take and depending on what shows up in the cup. And not to mention, a lot of fun!
Lenormand Tea Cards: It is much the same, and as accurate as having a Teacup Reading, but with out drinking tea. The cards have a strong connection to the art of Tasseomancy (tea reading) as they were first associated with coffee grind readings. What I find fantastic about the cards, is that they allow for more flexibility and for questions to asked and answered. When the teacup and tea is used, it is much more static and there isn’t as much flexibility for questions to be asked. The way that I use them, the cards have 4 layers to them: colours, playing cards, numbers and the symbols. Having these four layers allows for  more information to work with, and visually they are very clear to see for the person having the reading. These readings give info over about a year give or take.

For 30+ years Amy Taylor has been a Tea Enthusiast and a professional Tea Leaf and Card Reader. She is the sole owner of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy and Mystic Tearoom as well Amy is a Certified THAC Tea Sommelier Professional and currently studying to become a Ming Tea; Chinese Tea Sommelier. She is also in the process writing a book about the mystical side of Tea. 

Amy has been teaching Tasseomancy for 19 years and about Tea for 12+ years. She’s a public program teacher at Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, Canada (2008-19). She has been a speaker at the RBG Tea Festival and Toronto Tea Festival (2017-19), and in 2019 at the London Tea and Kombucha Festival. Amy is also a program teacher with Ming Tea House in Burlington, Ontario. 

Amy also has been featured, interviewed and quoted in many articles, blog posts, other media and social outlets as an authority on Tasseomancy. However, she feels that she is always learning more. She has written Tasseomancy, tea and garden related articles for some online blogs/ezines. As well, she is a contributing writer for the Tea and Herb Association of Canada’s Herbal Modules for TAC Certified Tea Sommelier courses.

Amy has over the last 20+ years collected an extensive collection of Tasseomancy related advertising materials, cups and saucers, books, postcards, novelties etc. She has nearly the entire collection of her Tasseomancy Museum on display in her Mystic Tearoom in Hamilton, Ontario.

Visit her website for more information: www.taotat.ca