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Botanical Crescent Moon Patch


Embark on a nocturnal journey with the Botanical Crescent Moon Patch!

This iron-on emblem is imbued with whispers from enchanted forests and the age-old wisdom of the moon. The intertwining botanicals are said to have sprouted from the very seeds of moonlight, while the midnight navy crescent cradles the secrets of the night sky.

When affixed to your garment or accessory, this patch serves as an ethereal guide through the realms of fantasy and dreams. Let the delicate flora connect you to the earth, as the moon's tender embrace pulls at the tides within your soul.

Perfect for dreamers, wanderers, and lovers of the moonlit night. Iron-on backing; ships with arcane instructions for summoning the magic.

  • Iron-on backing; ships with instructions

Size: approx 5.08 (2 inches)