Caitlin McCarthy - Jareth the Goblin King


How you turn my world, you precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything I've done, I've done for you
I move the stars for no one

- Jareth the Goblin King from the film "Labyrinth"

Caitlin McCarthy currently lives in Northern California. She is an artist and illustrator who studied art at Dominican University, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art.

Since a young age Caitlin has been interested in magic and using art as a tool to explore it. Her work often features visions of dark dreamy women in the form of seers, mystics, and witches. Channeling her fascination of Victorian sensibilities and the occult, her drawings invoke feelings of melancholy, and create an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere.

Her fine art prints are produced on quality archival matte paper and are signed by the artist.

Size: 20.32 x 25.4cm (8 x 10 inches)