Chocolate Frog Journal


"Awww, it's rotten luck. They've only got one good jump in them to begin with." - Ron Weasley

Let your creativity leap like a Chocolate Frog as you fill the pages of this journal with your own spellbinding stories and musings!

Each page invites you to script your own enchanting stories, document your magical journeys, or capture your most fanciful ideas. The journal's charm extends to its endpapers, beautifully themed after Honeydukes, evoking the whimsy and wonder of iconic wizarding confectionery.

Encased in a sumptuous, soft faux leather cover that sparkles with foil accents reminiscent of the famous Chocolate Frog packaging, this journal is a treasure trove for writers, students, and Harry Potter enthusiasts alike.

Adding to its spellbinding appeal, the journal features a plush velvet ribbon marker, complete with an enchanting enamelled charm. This thoughtful detail ensures that you can easily return to your latest spellbinding entry or daydream.

  • 184 Archival Ruled Pages

Size: 21. 5 x 15 x 2cm (8.5 x 6 x 0.75 inches)

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