Constellations Vintage Print


The constellations are beautiful and magical, but sometimes it's hard to see how early astronomers saw bears and archers in the stars! This constellations print not only shows the stars, but also the signs they represent and the names they all go by.  These beautiful papers are perfect for framing or hanging and can be used for gift-wrapping, bookbinding, decoupage or any other craft project you can dream up!

Printed on archival quality Italian paper by Cavallini & Co.

Founded in 1989, Cavallini & Co. is dedicated to producing high-quality products using authentic vintage imagery from their extensive archives that include historical maps, antique botanical plates, 19th-century anatomical charts, mid-century travel guides, advertisements, postcards, and many other pieces of paper ephemera.

Use with our Horizontal Hanging Kit to make your own vintage school chart style wall hanging!

Size: 71.12 x 50.8 cm (28 x 20 inches)