Dark Mark Projector Pen


Discover the enigmatic allure of the shadows with the Dark Mark Projector Pen, a bewitching writing instrument that brings a touch of dark magic to your fingertips!

A mere flick of the switch reveals the sinister symbol of the Dark Lord, casting a hauntingly beautiful glow that enthralls and sparks the imagination. Dive into a world of clandestine messages and magical writing adventures, immersing yourself in the enthralling Wizarding World.

Whether you're on a quest for a uniquely spellbinding gift or desiring a mystical addition to your collection, this pen is bound to awaken your inner sorcery and enchant all who behold its darkly charming luminescence. Experience the mystical art of writing in a new, enchanting light with the Harry Potter Dark Mark Projector Pen.

Size: 7 x 21 cm (2.75 x 8.25 in)

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