DIY Miniature Theatre Kit - Dark Castle


Dive into the shadows of creativity with our Dark Castle Theatre DIY Kit, an enthralling endeavour for those who delight in the eerie and the mystical.

This kit invites you into a world where every detail whispers tales of the macabre, inviting you to bring to life a miniature scene that thrills and chills in equal measure!

Imagine assembling a secret garden where the supernatural resides, complete with weathered gravestones and the ethereal glow of a full moon. Each piece, from the intricate foliage to the Gothic architecture, is designed for easy assembly, ensuring a seamless crafting experience without diminishing the thrill of creation.

Protected by a clear slide-in cover, your miniature theatre remains a preserved piece of art, while a hidden drawer adds an element of surprise and functionality. The warm light included in the kit casts haunting shadows, transforming your craft into a captivating display that beckons the gaze of all who dare to glance.

Present it as a gift to kindle the imagination of a fellow craft enthusiast, or assemble it yourself to bestow a meticulously crafted masterpiece. With every piece waiting to be punched out and pieced together, this DIY Kit is not just a craft; it's an adventure into the heart of darkness, where every detail is a brushstroke in a story only you can complete.

Recommended age: 14+

Assembled size (estimate) : 4.09 x 3.23 x 7.32 in