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Adjustable Golden Serpent Ring


Embrace the allure of ancient mystique with the Adjustable Golden Serpent Ring!

Coiled in golden splendour, this ring is reminiscent of the serpents that have slithered through tales and legends since time immemorial. A creature of enchantment, the serpent has been revered as a guardian of secrets, a symbol of rebirth, and an emblem of untamed power.

Crafted by the alchemists of Amano Studio, nestled in the magical Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, California, this ring is imbued with the whispers of goddesses and the mysteries of the night sky. Each coil is a tapestry of Amano's rich Mexican heritage, interwoven with the golden threads of California’s cultural tapestry and kissed by moonlight.

  • Cast in jeweller’s brass in a size 7.
  • It adjusts up and down about one size. 
  • Made in United States of America

Size: 2.5 x 2.3 cm (.9 x .9 inches)