Hand Eye Earrings


Adorn yourself with a touch of mysticism and elegance with our Hand Eye Earrings!

Each earring features a delicate hand-shaped charm, a symbol of destiny and guidance. At the center of each palm, an enigmatic and mystical eye gazes outward, keeping watch over your journey. As you wear these earrings, let them whisper secrets of the unseen, guiding you through life's enchanting twists and turns.

Crafted from brass charms and adorned with gold-plated earwires, these enchanting pieces not only capture the essence of magical allure but also prioritize your comfort by being lead and nickel-free.

Embrace the mystical energy and elevate your style with the Hand of Fate Earrings. Allow these captivating pieces to awaken your inner intuition and lead you toward a path of magical discovery.

Size: 3 x 1.9cm (1.15 x .75 inches)